When you’re learning something new, you tend to hit a lot of walls; you try, it fails. You try again, it fails. You try it a different way, it still doesn’t work. You go back and read the instructions again, you make a few adjustments, you try again. Something different happens, but it’s still not working.

So you take a break, let your head clear… You think you have an Aha! that you resolve to try when you get back to it. You dither a while, stall a little, then screw up your resolve to the point that you feel solid enough to give it another try.

Back at it, you try to recall exactly what that Aha! moment was about. Give yourself a minute, it will come back to you …. Oh right, that was it …. Try the new thing again, and it seems to be working better; it’s time to make another attempt–after all, this is the most progress you’ve made so far, right?–and give it the status of a Test. It’s a Test, it’s just a Test!!

Cross your fingers, send it out, and see what happens…