From Mis-Fit to GREAT Fit! Program

for adults who are very bright, intense, and/or highly-sensitive

How many of these statements ring true for you?

  • I seem to be “too much” for others: too intense, too sensitive, too particular, too critical, too analytical, too [fill in the blank!].
  • I wish I understood why I’m like this, and what I can do about it.
  • I’ve sometimes thought of myself as “weird,” or others have said that about me.
  • I wish I knew why I feel so different, and why I feel bad about myself sometimes.
  • Other people just don’t get me.
  • I wish I had more people in my life who either do get me, or who’d at least be willing to try.
  • I frequently feel misunderstood or misperceived by others.
  • I wish I could express myself in a way that other people wouldn’t so often take what I say the wrong way.
  • I can feel lonely, even in a group of people I know–as if I’m on the outside, looking in.
  • I wish I could feel like I belonged, and like I was wanted and appreciated.
  • Sometimes I’ve wondered if I’m a little “crazy.”
  • I wish I could be sure that I’m okay – or know what to do, if I’m not.
  • Sometimes I get frazzled or overwhelmed because my attention is scattered over so many interests and activities.
  • I wish I could have a calmer life; I’d like to feel like I have it together more!
  • I’m constantly juggling the expectations and needs of others and of myself.
  • I wish I could be more relaxed about things, like others seem to be.
  • I often feel the weight of the world on my shoulders–why do I care so much??
  • I wish I didn’t take things so hard.
  • Too often, I feel like a misfit and a fish out of water.
  • I wish I were just “normal.”
  • I hide or minimize my real self to protect myself from others’ negative reactions.
  • I wish I could feel safe enough to be myself.
  • Sometimes I feel resentful that I’m the one trying to make others feel more comfortable around me.
  • I wish others would be more accepting of ME, for a change!

Here’s some basic information about the program:

  • To be honest, I must tell you that this program isn’t for everyone. In fact, even though the page you’re reading may resemble a sales page like some you’ve seen elsewhere, it isn’t.
  • I have no interest in simply selling this program to just anyone; that would be a waste of time and energy for all concerned, and a waste of financial investment for the client. I don’t want people to enroll in this program if they aren’t likely to benefit from it–either because it’s not actually relevant to them, or because they’re currently unable or unwilling to do the necessary work to get the results they desire.
  • For the reasons above, I take clients into the program only after an interview that allows us both to determine if: a) the program would be appropriate for a potential client; b) the program would be appropriate for a potential client, and the timing is right; and c) if we mutually agree that we believe we would have a good “fit” to work together.
  • This program is designed for those adults who have the capability and who want an opportunity to learn, reflect, heal emotionally, and grow personally with the individual support and guidance of a skilled personal development coach.
  • The time commitment for the full program averages about six or seven months. Some people have enough time to work through it a bit more quickly, while others take a bit longer. Because the program is individualized (as opposed to a group program), timing is very flexible.
  • The program’s design includes work-on-your-own materials for each section, (e.g., videos, audios, printed information, and/or workbook pages), one or more full-length private coaching sessions with me via Zoom during each section, as well as access to me via email for the times between sessions.
  • Though I am a licensed therapist, I am not providing psychotherapy in this program. However, through the structure of the program materials I’ve designed, clients have the opportunity to do some very deep personal work; it can be intense, and support for this kind of “deep dive” can be provided in the coaching sessions.

These are the topics covered in this program:

Section 1 – “What Makes You YOU?” **

Discover how your personality type and temperament influence the ways in which you are quickly energized or easily tired, how you take in information and process it, and how you prefer to take action. 
Find out if you have any kinds of heightened sensitivity to various aspects of the human experience, and learn how to manage these so they’ll feel like your gifts, rather than your burdens. 

Section 2 – “Cut the Crap (out of your life)”

Dig in to uncover what’s really running your life. Is it a grand vision, strong values, a story that’s no good for you anymore, …or some combination? Find out how to let go of more of what you don’t want in your life so you can make room for more of what you do. 
Get clarification on your own unique combination, find out how—or if—these beliefs, stories, and values are working well for you. After that, you’ll learn some actions to take to change or discard what you don’t want, and build on what you do. 

Section 3 – “Fit In Without Blending In”

Are you concerned that “fitting in” with others means you have to change your true self? Not so! Learn how to express yourself authentically while relating in a meaningful way to others. 
Find out why you feel like a fish out of water in some settings (but not in some others), and why some relationships seem to work for you (but other ones don’t). 
Learn how you can feel more comfortable in your own skin, even when you’re with others who seem very different from you. 

Section 4 – “Where Does It Still Hurt?”

What emotional wounds—large or small—are holding you back from the quality of life you want? Experience emotional energy healing to clear those hurts and learn how to do your own “First Aid” for life’s inevitable scrapes and bruises. 
Emotional healing work will focus on easing the unpleasant feelings that hold you back from being, doing, and having the ease in relationships that you want in life. 

Section 5 – “Now What Do You Do?”

How do you take all the good stuff from your work to this point into your next steps? Let’s make a personalized plan for your next steps to help you continue to enjoy and celebrate your brilliance, intensity, sensitivity, and quirkiness in a creative way!

Section 1, “What Makes You YOU?” is also offered as either a standalone or a “jumpstart” program for clients who aren’t ready to commit to the full program. The timeframe for completion of this section is 6-8 weeks. Clients who decide to enroll in the remainder of the full “From Mis-fit to Great Fit!” Program within two months after ending the standalone/jumpstart program will have the total cost of the standalone/jumpstart applied to the cost of the full program.


Is this program right for you?

Let’s find out! Schedule a 30-minute appointment for The Real YOU Breakthrough Session (interview). There’s no cost to you for this session (a $100 value), and certainly no obligation.

During the Breakthrough Session, we’ll review your personal concerns, based on your responses to the list of statements at the top of this page, and I’ll make some recommendations to you for how to address those concerns in the best way for you at this time. Maybe some of my professional services would be helpful to you, and maybe not – either way, I’ll direct you to the resources that I think will be of most benefit to you right now.

I look forward to meeting you! — Kathy