Intense? Highly-Sensitive? Quirky? Bright?

Feeling like a “misfit” or a “fish out of water” but don’t want to pretend to be someone you’re not, just so you can get along with others?

Fit in without blending in!

You can express yourself fully and genuinely in a way that reaches and engages others so you feel connected, accepted, respected, and valued.

I help bright, intense, sensitive, quirky types change from feeling like a "Mis-fit" to a "Great Fit" anywhere they are -- without blending in!

You seem to be “too much” for others: too intense, too sensitive, too particular, too (fill in the blank!)

You frequently feel misunderstood or misperceived by others


You feel lonely in a crowd, as if you’re on the outside looking in


You get frazzled or overwhelmed because your attention is scattered over so many interests and activities

You’re constantly juggling the expectations and needs of others and of yourself


You often feel the weight of the world on your shoulders; you don’t know why you care so much



How do I know it’s possible to show up authentically in the world and find genuine connections at work, in groups, and in your community?

Because I’ve been there. As a bright, intense, sensitive, quirky, creative type, myself, I’ve experienced feeling like a misfit and a fish out of water. I thought I was “weird” and maybe even a little crazy. Too often, I felt separate and alienated. I’ll admit to feeling some cynicism and resentment about how things were, and believed I just had to resign myself to what I saw as my only recourse for making my way through life: hiding or minimizing my real self to protect myself from others’ reactions.

But after learning more about myself and others, and after some profound emotional healing, I came to a different place. Now I’m committed to helping others who are ready for a similar journey.

I’m Kathy Anderson Courchene. As a facilitator of emotional healing (including a couple of decades working as a Professional Counselor), I created Gifted 24/7™ to help you be YOU!